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Bid Now To Get In My Pants!


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Wow I was about to try to talk you out of this. LOL! (And most likely delete this thread...)

Looks like it's legit though. Very creative title. Beware of "interesting" questions and comments you very well may (and probably will) get through eBay members though. :lol:


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LOL..............well I figured I would try it. I thought it was funny and eye catching! Course others might not has my same humor......



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Well I thought I did it right.......
Umm Guess I don't know how to add the watch me link.


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anyone care to try and tell me what url i use to link it to add it to watch me?

missmel2 said:
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Only because i just had to see what it was all about !

*Grin* That is the response I am looking for! :)
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TY! I found where it tells how to add the watch me link! Thanks! Well its quitting time!

I sure hope i manage to make enough money to maybe get my a home computer too!

Take Care all!! C ya tomorrow!