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PC Games Bf2142 Video Capture


New Member
Ok fellas, got a question for you:

How do you capture gameplay video in BF 2142?

Things I do not want to do:

1) Hold a handycam or digicam in front of my monitor - that's a noob trick. :tired:

2) Be paying out my butt for a program I will only use once. Freeware or working trials are preferred :nod:

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys



New Member
One more question, before anyone answers:

Is it actually legal to capture in-game footage?

If not, feel free to close this thread.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I am pretty sure it's legal.. There is something called "Battle Recorder" that I THINK is used for this. Several clans use it and it's built into the server software for BF2142.

I don't have any experience with it. The other option would be to record through a video output to a mpeg or something which other software can do. Again, not something I'm entirely familiar with however.