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PC Games Bf2142 Losing Key Packets


New Member
Hey guys, got a problem and need help :-o

Every now and again I get a punkbuster kick telling me that I am 'losing key packets' followed by a string of (always different) numbers and letters.

Now, before you answer take the following into consideration:

I have heard many a tech-head say that it could be because of poor latency to the BF2142 servers, or has something to do with the line between here and everywhere else. The advice given has been to ensure that the PB client is enabled and running, latest patch is installed, don't run any other online resource stealers, restart the game, reinstall the game, restart machine, blah blah blah blah.

Now, other friends have been randomly getting the same kick, and although many tech-heads all say the same thing (all the above) they all say 'check your own end'. Now I have never had this problem with BF2142 and I have not changed ANYTHING regarding my hardware or software. I'm also pinging the servers below 50 (prior to being kicked).

Does anyone know if this is a fault within the latest patch? Is there some kind of outage that everyone knows about except me?
Please, no 'obvious' responses, I do know what losing key packets means, I just need to know how other players have been fixing it. Please only answer if you know what you are talking about.

Cheers guys



Secret Agent
Staff member
Well I just wanted to respond and say that I have not experienced this issue at all.

Did you install the Northern Strike expansion by chance?


New Member
No, but asking around, it seems as if there are many other aussies experiencing the same issue :shake:
It sucks, cuz i've grown quite addicted to the game:-/


New Member
The below error has apparently been experienced by thousands of BF2142 players.
This is for the 'losing key packets' error. Punkbuster has said that this occurs because BF2142 has somehow been added to anti-virus software blocks, or a firewall block. Yeah, sure.
Most of us know that we haven't changed a thing on our desktops. And besides, I know mine wasn't blocked and so does everyone else.
The real reason is that Punkbuster & EA have not bumped heads enough to realise that BF2142 >NEEDS< to come packaged with a Punkbuster Update Program. But they chose to stuff around the customers. ARRGHH!
Want a solution?
Here it is: :-o
PunkBuster Online Countermeasures
Use the above link to find the program 'pbsvc'.
1. Download it, and run the program (pbsvc).
2. Choose 'uninstall', then 'finish' or 'exit'.
3. Run 'pbsvc' once again.
4. Choose 'install/re-install'
5. Close the program and run BF2142 - you are good to go.
6. EA's response to my request for technical support didn't work. It is probably wiser to go check out the punkbuster site first (For Punkbuster Errors)
PunkBuster Online Countermeasures
NOTE: Use the above site to find the PBSetup utility - this actually works as the update program for PB.
Darn it EA! Consumers shouldn't have to be doing this!

Lotsa love



New Member
Sorry guys, don't mean to spam this thread..

An important note for the above solution is that it should only be applied after the LATEST update for BF2142 is installed. At present the latest update is 1.25