Beyonce Falls Face First!!!


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For those who dont know the story, during a concert in Orlando, Florida pop superstar Beyonce falls down the flight of steps during her song, "Ring the Alarm". Various videos were taken off Youtube within a days time due to the request of the singer. But that doesn't mean News broadcasts cant show them, lol. Here's the hellarious tumble she took:



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shes from houston texas
lol i guess that beats the BET stumble that happened to michelle williams, a member of destiny's child that beyonce was apart of, that happened a few yrs back
Hey they are entertainers and they have to keep the crowd going somehow.

But hell Lord knows I died laughing when I saw Beyonce make that fall... LMAO

Then she asks at the end of the show for people not to put it on YouTube.. HEHE she should've known that YouTube isn't the only place that her fall of shame would be shown.