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Between these three actors who do you prefer? Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Segal and Arnold Schwarzenegger? I know these three actors aren't really good actors but they have made great movies. I was wondering who you like the most? Personally I would have to go with JCVD I am a big fan of his movies. Such like Kickboxer, Bloodsport, Hard Target and so many others. He might be a real bad actor but his films are full of action. The other two are a close second but I would have to go with Van Damme. What about you guys?


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I'd go with Van Damme with Arnold as a close second and Steven as a far third. Jean Claude seemed to fit all his roles so well, besides the accent. I cant seem to remember him having a moive without great action scenes.


swarzenegger is my fave, i loved the terminator movies and loads others, also his comedies and cameos like in around the world in 80 days
i like jean claude van damme cuz he's from belgium just like me!!the muscles from brussels!!(although he's from de panne (which is at the coast btw))
steven seagal is one that i actually hate though, in his movies hes always the super good guy with barely any flaws, never getting hit and taking on staggeringly overwelming opposition without even breaking a sweat; it's just to surreal
i know JCVD and arnie can take out one hundred enemies with an old pistol and just one clip left but at least they get hit in the nose every so often in return


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1. Ahhhnold
2. Steven Segal

Ahhhnold has been in better movies than the other two and is just more entertaining. Steven Segal is a close second though.


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My favourite actors are Arnold and Van Damme. They have stared in awesome movies and I loved them.

For me, it's Van Damme, Arnold. Steven comes 3rd cause I hate him


Arnold Schwarzenegger by far. His movies are epicly cheesey, but in the awesome Arnold kind of way.

I like JVD but he's put out more crap then actually good movies, which leads into why I absolutly hate Segal.

I never noticed this before I worked at a video rental place, but Stephen Segal releases a movie pratically every tuesday (movies are always released on tuesday for some reason), it could be more like once a month but its that frequant, and each one of them is complete crap, which makes me think Segal is probably making about the same amount as money as me if he has to put out a movie a week.


Arnold easily. A great actor is a great actor, obviously. However, there are degrees of acting ability beneath that. Arnold stands heads and shoulders above Van Damme (no irony intended), and Segal (Segal just talks softly, he can't act; they actually had to dub him in a recent role). Neither of the latter two have had long Hollywood careers with major studios for a reason.

Of course, if you are into a certain niche of film your own prefences may vary.