Between these bands Which is the best?

Which band is the best?

  • The All-American Rejects

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  • Blink 182

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  • Evanescence

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  • Fall Out Boy

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  • Good Charlotte

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  • Maroon 5

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  • My Chemical Romance

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  • New Found Glory

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  • Panic! At The Disco

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  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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I choose these band cause there my favorite.....


Certified Shitlord
Ehh . . all of those bands pretty much suck. I vote Evanescence because Amy Lee has a better voice than any other one of those singers combined.


A Darker Knight
-_- yyyeeeaaahh.....
Some can't sing (MCR, Fall Out Boy ), some are decent but overplayed (Rejects, Panic!), some sound whiney (NFG), one's disbanded (182), and some I just don't like (Maroon 5, Good Charlotte). So that leaves me with Red Jumpsuit which is pretty good and Evanescence. Now I haven't heard too much from Red Jumpsuit, so I went with Evanescence.

I'm not saying your choice of music is bad. I'm just saying that mine are different. I actually did like a good number of bands up there before, just got sick of them.


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I voted for NFG just for the fact that I enjoy most of their older music and can still listen to them. I also like My Chemical Romance alot but I only have been listening to them for a couple years with their last two albums. NFG I've been listening to since they came out.

I would say the post Blink 182 era is a good era b/c the members are now in two better bands than Blink IMO. I enjoy Angels & Airwaves and +44 alot.

Im big into punk (That isnt EMO up there for those that said it is only a couple bands up there are).
None of these are really bands I like, although Evanescence has a really pretty voice so I voted for them. Emo music is really not something I enjoy much, especially the overplayed mainstream garbage that tries to pass itself off as music.

Mr Casey

I must say, your tastes in music tend to suck. These bands mostly have one thing in common. You can hear them on your local pop station. I doubt if any of these bands will ever be known by future generations. Sure its great for the artist who makes the $$$ for the short time and can retire, but overall, these guys are just repetitive, everyday pop bands that just generally suck.


For a Free Scotland
They all suck, and are overexposed, undertalented, and rather dull bands in general.

Evanescense is the only one that's even decent, but the quality of their music has really declined since Fallen.