Between Sovereignty and Colonialism. . .

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I've been browsing the Internet about about spheres of influence in late Qing-era China, and I've been making comparisons between it and outright colonialism. So here's the question: Was there any form of okay colonialism?

I mean, it's a sad fact, but if it weren't for the colonial race, all those many diverse ethnic groups in Africa, India, the Middle East, etc may never form nation-states, and, possibly, though unlikely, never advance to the OTL levels. On the other hand, forming colonies never had the natives in a position of power, the only purpose was for a place for citizens to immigrate to, and to suck up the material values in the area. And the early genocides should not be overlooked.

On a side note, was the very existence of the US ethical? I mean, rebel colonies that conquered the rest of the continent, destroying most of the native peoples in the process, that isn't a fact that we would like to gloss over.