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Better Raise: More Money Or More Time Off?


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Staff member
What would you consider a better raise? An increase in pay or an increase in time off?

Let’s say the hourly money was the same either way. So if you made $20 an hour, your raise would either be one day off per week (going from 5 working days to 4) for the same pay, or you still work 5 days a week by make an extra $160 a week (going from $20 to $24 an hour).

I’m sure if you drill down on the math and calculate taxes and all that, this isn’t quite as straight forward as I’m asking, but you get the simple question.

Would you rather get a “raise” of only having to work 4 days a week instead of 5 for the same pay, or would you rather get paid for 6 days a week and still only have to work 5?

That is the question. 🤔🤑


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Of course I would want to work less days. Especially if I was getting paid the same amount. . I think four days a week is better than five. You know when you have house chores and shopping, doesn't it seem that the weekend isn't long enough to get everything done?. Especially for those who have kids and have to attend their Saturday soccer games etc. . working just four days would allow the parents one more day of time to try to get things done at home. . Well as the saying goes . Life is just too short.


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More money! I'd rather get paid for six days and work five days. I am fighting for this right now, a raise that is. I already get a lot of time off.