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Better Memory= Better Grades?


New Member
I just wanted to see what everyone's opinion about memory improvement courses are. The reason I am asking because I want to take some of these courses to improve my memory in order to do better in school. I have read that memorization is a key to learning and in reply I would think that if I could improve my memory I would be able to make my school year a lot easier on me. So I have done some research and found a couple of sites. Like the School of Phenomenal Memory and Dr. Bruno's course. I don't know if anyone has any experiences with either these or any other memory improvement course but any help would be great. Thanks.


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Staff member
How do you generally study? Do you have TV or music going in the background? Some people find that listening to music at a moderate volume level helps them remember things easier.

Another good way to remember things is to take notes as you read and study. If you write things down you will generally remember them better than if you just repeat them in your mind.


I agree with Andrew. Try to eliminate as many distractions as possible, and when in doubt, write things down as note cards and review them a few times. Also, dont study in one sitting. Study for approximately 15 minutes, and then take a break or study something else. If you go for hours on end and dont take breathers, its harder to remember things.
If vocabulary is what you are doing, try to find ways to link things together...like if the vocabulary word or definition reminds you of something, try to link the two together (if that made any sense).


New Member
Thanks for the replies everyone. When I study I like to keep it quiet. I really can't study with any music or any distractions or else I will get distracted. Which is usually what happens anyways but that is beside the point. I agree with phoenix because the usual techniques that I use are writing things down usually until I get it. Thus the reason I am looking for a memory improvement course because I am getting tired of writing things down constantly. So I have been doing some more research and right now I am leaning towards the school of Phenomenal Memory because they seem to know what their doing. They have a forum and it looks like all the students are happy and doing very well. They also have a free manual that they say you should read. So I downloaded it and will probably start reading it tonite after work. When I get more info I ll tell you guys. Thanks