Better Confrence East Or West?

Which Is The Better Confrence?

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Aw, Here It Goes!
I posted this before but it got deleted I guess. So like the thread says which confrence do you think is better the east or west. My vote goes to the west. I think they have more teams with greater overall talent than the east does what about ya'll.


Sultan of Swat
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I prefer to watch Eastern Conference teams, but I think the West have better teams, even though the Miami Heat, from the Eastern Conference one the Larry O'brien trophy, also my two favorite teams are from the east.


East has all the athletic players and west has all the big players. I like players like LeBron, A.I & Carter so I vote East.


For a Free Scotland
Over the past decade or so the West has been clearly dominant, and definitely more competitive. I remember when going .500 could get you in the playoffs in the East. But the Spurs, Lakers, Mavericks, and Suns..the West is clearly the best conference of the past few years, and still continues to be so.


west is way more dominant.. you have bigger stronger players than in the east and the teams are more stacked than eastern conference teams not to mention all the all star calibur PFs the west has. yes there has been an improvement over the years but I still dont think you can say the west doesnt dominate the east. just compare the records.


West: Has the big man, post guys..

East: The athletic "fun" guys to watch like Carter, James, D-Wade, A.I and so..

but West is better overall for winning games..but I vote East caz 'most" of my favoutire players are on East:) and on All-Star game i cheer for East!


Sultan of Swat
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Everyone is saying the West is better, which is true but the East is getting stonger. Give it a couple of years and the East will overtake the West. A reason I am saying this is because the East have the young studs compared to the West. Example: Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, the face of the NBA in a couple of years.