Better Artist: Jimi Hendrix or Jim Morrison

Better Artist: Jimi Hendrix or Jim Morrison?

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The Hierophant
Two legends that died long before their time.

Personally, I'm siding with Hendrix. They were both absolutely ahead of their time but Hendrix mastered the axe backwards. And that, mixed with his already legendary music, I think that sets him just a bit further ahead than Morrison in my books. But it's still a close call.

Suck it BR, I want to see this one.


Sultan of Swat
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This is a very tough choice, both were great musicians, but I have to side with Hendrix as well, what he did with the guitar was simply amazing, he's arguably the best guitarist of all time.

Morrison was also talented, but I wouldn't put him ahead of Hendrix.

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still nobody's bitch
pfft morrison wasn't even a musician he was a goddamn poet. a pretentious gas bag of a poet at that.

hendrix, no contest.


The Hierophant
I wouldn't say he's a pretentious hag about it, but he definitely was a poet.


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Both offer the essentials of great music
Hendrix with his godly guitar
and Morrison with his poetic lyrics

Anyway Hendrix Rocks harder than anyone (during his time and more than some now)