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Better and cheaper? or just cheaper?


still nobody's bitch
Mods feel free to move this; it's a spinoff from the Communism vs. Capitalism thread.

I posted that within the last decade or two, more and more goods are produced in other countries besides the U.S. and the result is lower quality. CO countered and said products are cheaper and better.

I disagree. We have a washing machine that is less than two years old. It only cost $400, but it's not working properly now. It overflowed the other day and flooded the laundry room. It does not spin if it's set on medium or small load.

Clothes that I buy cheaply don't last for more than a season or two. Even my Levi's - the original point of which was a sturdy garment that could be worn every day and last - don't make it longer than two years, usually less, before they start literally coming apart at the seams.

Cheap toys are tainted with lead paint.

Cell phones rarely last longer than two years, and they are hardly cheap, unless you go with a provider that has a "new every two" program that gives you a free phone.

My toaster only cost $10; it is less than three years old and no longer pops up, I have to do it manually or burn my toast.

Granted all of this is largely anecdotal, but that's what I've got to go on, and it's what I'm basing my argument on.

What's your opinion/experience?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
It seems like most companies are cutting corners to reduce manufacturing costs. The effects are being seen in the product quality. You can still get nice things, but you have to pay more for them.


Problematic Shitlord
To be honest I've had all the opposite experiences you've had. I buy clothes from Walmart and they take a beating (and by beating I mean I still have jeans and shirts from beginning of college that I still wear today that are in top shape). Cell phones are just an ineffective example as technology never ages well especially in the age we're in where things get better and more efficient by the month. Cheap toys only have lead if they come from China or other countries that have minimal standards of production and well, it's always kind of stupid to buy appliances, big and small, on the cheap. I mean, you're obviously going to seek out a deal but 10 bucks for a toaster is just silly and it seems like you may have just had some bad luck with the washing machine.

The problem is there's a lot of cheap and good products and just as many cheap and shit products. Today, you just have to be a smarter consumer and utilizing friends, family and the internet will help you find the better deals and the higher quality products on the cheap. For me, a good example is the computer company Lenovo. Their laptops are priced well, extremely tough and powerful. Ignoring the obvious technology-fades-quicker-than-a-pop-divas-career point, that would be a good move for a shopper look for a deal.


Endangered Species
I posted that within the last decade or two, more and more goods are produced in other countries besides the U.S. and the result is lower quality. CO countered and said products are cheaper and better.
The reason the location is chosen usually coincides with why the product is of a lower quality, the location itself is not detrimental to its quality.

The rest of your post I largely agree with however I do not feel it is something I disagree with as the growth of consumerism has many benefits.


Registered Member
Y'all need to see the story of stuff. Its all part of what corporations invented to keep consumers coming back for more. Don't make stuff that will last just so they can make a "version 2.0" and still sell more, selling the same stuff to the same people every other year. Its been like the for as long as I know how to walk.


Son of Liberty
From our cars, TV's, cell phones, laptops, clothes, furniture, etc..most of the products we use on a daily basis are better and cheaper in comparison to today's dollars. There are exceptions to everything, but generally speaking our standard of living continues to improve.