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Better Ad's, Better Bids!


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After looking at a few auctions this morning, one is really nagging my brain... The Hotwheels Auction that was posted under Cool Things.

This could be a great find for a hotwheel collector but in my humble opinion, its a poorly written ad... Im sure all the information is there but the layout to me is horrid.

I thought maybe we could start a little "What Would You Change" Type thread... post an ad and ask others what they would change to make it better... I know the person listing that hotwheels auction isnt a member here but, I would like to start out with that one.

I think this might help us all know what annoys bidders/buyers most and what helps something sell.


My first thoughts on this one was "Who in the world is going to sit there and try and seperate to find out exactly whats in there"


Wanna play?
It could be fun as long as someone doesn't stumble across it and get offended.
We could have our own auctions critiqued too.


what? no pink?
I agree with Angel. maybe instead of picking on a particular auction we can just do the " what annoys buyers the most" that way no one can get offended because we are picking on their auction. Then if a member here wants to offer their auction up for opinions on what other members would want to change that would work. That way they are asking for it :D


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Great example Iggy. I never read auctions like that.

Even if it was separated into paragraphs it would still be one to make some coffee for..


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I was going for constructive criticism. Im not gonna sit here and bad mouth it. But I would certainly say that he could have added a table or even a paragraph break to make it easier on the eyes for all of those cars listed.


Wanna play?
I don't think anyone thought we would "bad-mouth" anything, that's not something we do here. I just know, if I did my best on an auction (and maybe that was their best) (it must have taken quite a while to list all those cars), I would be offended to stumble across a site where someone was critiquing it.
I think getting input on our own auctions is a great idea, I just can't justify doing it to someone without their knowledge. JMO


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I am going to have to agree AngelsPeak. If someone wants to have people look at their auction and give them ideas for making it better, they can create a thread and members can post to it.

As for critiquing someone's auction, that they have not asked for assistance with is not a very good idea. There are people who would be offended by something like that, and personally, I don't think it would be in good taste.

But if a member wants their own auction critiqued, I all for it.


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I don't want to dissect somebodies auction. What I don't like in an auction, no particular order.

1. All Caps
2. Hard to read fonts.
3. Hard to read colors such as hot pink, yellow lime and so on
4. Scrolling banners
5. Anything that blinks or twinkles.
6. Lack of description especially the words "to much to list"
7. Poor quality pictures
8. I'm selling this for a friend.
9. Seller is in New Jersey :p
10. No return policy stated, no terms of sale when applicable.
11. If you pay with paypal add 7% or whatever
12. Shipping cost and method not clearly stated or explained where applicable.
13. Overly cute or witty. Some humor is fine but I'm not parting with my hard earned cash because you're funny.
14. People who list their points numerically. :-o


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Roland_Jenkins said:
9. Seller is in New Jersey :p
Okay, now my curiosity's going...so I gotta ask: Why this one among your list?


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Julie said:
Okay, now my curiosity's going...so I gotta ask: Why this one among your list?
Just number 9 Julie?

OMG!!! Roland...don't even bother clicking on my auctions....they would make your head spin and you'd be runnin' for the bathroom! Mine are all pretty silly shiny nonsensicle (is that a word? oh well it is now) auctions and you would do yourself a service not to bother. Unless, of course, you wanna buy a bra that fits a chicken breast in a plant. Or a box of cereal with more than plastic car surprizes. teehee...

Iggy...we can pick on auctions privately in yahoo chat! I'm game! Never was one to hide what I'm thinkin' even if I should!!
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