beta sig testing need input


Please I need input for a sig I have been making. I need to know what is wrong with this. It is like in a beta stage.
umm...well its really damn big first off...and its blocky (no pun intended)

dont like the lines or layout really...and really dont understand the theme either.

its decent
I dislike the purple and grey together, also if the tubes/beams/whatever connecting the screens are going to be 3d style shaded like that, the lines around the screens themselves have to be the same, otherwise they look really flat and in the background by comparison.


Well the huge grey boxes after the animation finishes playing doesn't do it any better. I'd suggest leaving the last frame in the box.

Also the colors are horrendous, purple and white and grey. ick.

Also the pipes connecting the boxes don't blend well with the boxes. If you going to do an interface design like that make the boxes part of the tubes also so they look like an extension of them a hub where they meet , rather than something slapped on top of it.

Another suggestion I can give is make the pipes look more intresting, give them curves or texture, or do something with them the way they are lined looks boring and blah.

Also the text looks slapped on and COMPLETELY out of place.

So there you have it I wasn't nice, however you said it was beta phase so I let you have it so you could improve it =P


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
It's the third animation that bugs me, you know...the first one on the left. For a kissing scene it's going too fast and it looks kinda funny because of it. There's nothing else to say because everyone else has said the things before me lol. But for Beta sig it does look nice, never knew u had in u though to make something like this >>; I am suprised beyond belief with ur work Omega.
I mainly made this sig to find out so input ideas because I was stuck I know it is not beautiful it is not sopposed to be. I threw this together to get so ideas to make it better.