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Best WWE Show, 2010

Which show was best in 2010?

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Better Call Saul
Staff member
Okay here is our first category for the 2010 WWE Awards. Pretty simple one here...

2009 Winner: Friday Night Smackdown!

Which was your favorite WWE show this year? I think this one is mostly personal preference but if you have reasons why you think this particular show was the best please give your reasons. Here are the choices...

Monday Night RAW

Friday Night Smackdown



WWE Superstars
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Lion Rampant
Gotta go with RAW. NXT came close to getting my vote, if only because it replaced the shameful ECWINO. SmackDown's been great in the second half, but it has to be pointed out that it didn't go old school, didn't see envelope-pushing scenes like Mae Young's hilarious, spit-flecked challenge to LayCool, and didn't offer a single drop of Pee Wee Herman.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Besides guest-hosting, RAW deserves the vote. The Nexus and the rise of face Randy Orton are reason enough.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I agree with Raw being the best show, Smackdown arguably had the better matches overall, but when you consider everything I have to go with Raw. The rise of Nexus really helped, it was something fresh and something we weren't expected which has been rare for the WWE for the last several years.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I think I have voted for Smackdown each of the past two years but I am going to give the vote to RAW this year because of the reasons already stated.

Smackdown definitely gives their wrestles more time to perform in the ring but not that much noteworthy happened over there this year when compared to RAW.


Haters gonna hate.
RAW. Not even close in my mind.


Where is my Queen?
I went with match quality on this one, because lets face it the story lines sucked pretty much all year, so I picked Smackdown.


I ♥ Haters
Nothing comes close to Raw. I though the guest host thing was pretty shitty, but overall I think Raw deserves it. It had one of the best story lines we've seen in a while; the matches weren't so great, but in terms of entertainment Raw gets my vote.
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