Best WWE PPV in 2008

Which was the best PPV?

  • Royal Rumble

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  • No Way Out

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  • Backlash

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  • Judgment Day

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  • One Night Stand

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  • Night of Champion's

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  • Great American Bash

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  • Summerslam

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  • Unforgiven

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  • Cyber Sunday

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  • No Mercy

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  • Survivor Series

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  • Armageddon

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Staff member
Royal Rumble: Cena wins the rumble, Orton defends over Hardy, Edge beats Mysterio to retain.

No Way Out: HHH & Undertaker win their respective elimination chamber matches, Edge beats Mysterio and Cena over Orton by DQ

Wrestlemania 24: Undertaker wins belt over Edge, Orton retains against Cena and HHH, HBK ends Flair's career

Backlash: HHH wins WWE title over Orton, Cena & JBL, Undertaker defends over Edge

Judgment Day: HHH defends over Orton in a cage, Undertaker over Edge via count out.

One Night Stand: Edges wins title over Undertaker in TLC match, HHH over Orton in last man standing match.

Night of Champion's: HHH defends over Cena, Edge defends over Batista

Great American Bash: HHH over Edge to retain, Punk retains over Batista after double DQ.

Summerslam: Undertaker over Edge in Hell in the cell, Punk over JBL to retain, HHH over Khali to retain.

Unforgiven: HHH retains in scramble, Hardy wins ECW title in scramble, Jericho wins world title in scramble.

Cyber Sunday: Batista wins world title over Jericho, HHH over Jeff Hardy to retain.

No Mercy: Jericho over HBK to retain in ladder match, HHH over Jeff Hardy to retain

Survivor Series: Cena wins WWE title over Jericho, Edge wins world title over HHH and Kozlov

Armageddon: Jeff hardy wins wwe title, cena defends over Jericho


#2 New Zealander
Wrestlemania 24 by a long way. Its the flagship PPV and was extra special for haveing an epic in Flairs last match and CM Punk winning the MITB.

Very Solid show


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
No doubt that I have to go with Wrestlemania 24, the Money in the Bank match was outstanding, probably one of my favorite matches of 2008. Also the two main events were outstanding as well.
WrestleMania 24 for the sole reason of how it was produced. I liked the scene, all the pyro and everything about it. So much went into it that I think every PPV should be on a similar level. :hah:


I am the woolrus
Wrestlemania aswell for me. Solid all round, with HBK v Flair and Money in the Bank matches standing out.

WWE is gonna be hard pressed to top it this year, but what with it being the 25th, i have a feeling they're gonna find a way to do so. I'm excited already! :D