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Best WWE Announcer, 2010

Who was the best WWE announcer in 2010?

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I ♥ Haters
My vote goes to Michael Cole. As much as I despise him, let's face it, he deserves it. His transition into his "heel character" was one of the most talked about things in wrestling this year.


Registered Member
i like cole but im picking striker...

striker is the better announcer...he knows his shit...cole is a good heal and has a nice story but what does tha thave to do with announcing? his announcing is still subpar


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
One of the biggest issues with Cole is that sometimes he takes away from a great match. Two examples are Daniel Bryan matches and The Miz matches. He hates Daniel Bryan so instead of calling the match he'll call him a dork, or he'll say something about how he doesn't belong with The Bella Twins. When it comes to The Miz, it's the total opposite he's in love with The Miz so instead of calling the match he'll keep saying he's the best.

Another example is when DiBiase Jr. is wrestling and Maryse is at ring side, instead of calling the match he'll say that Maryse is in love with him.
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