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Which wrestling promotion out of the big three (WWE, TNA & ROH) do you think generally has the highest standard of wrestling quality in it's shows?

First, i'd definitely put ROH. I've really gotten in to the ROH product and the level of wrestling is just.... fantastic. Extremely fast paced, hard hitting, fresh and exciting spots, just brilliant stuff. I still don't know what the quality of storylines generally is in ROH but as far as wrestling goes, WWE and TNA pale in comparison for me. Nowhere near the same level.

Second choice... WWE. Though a majority of WWE matches now can be slow, boring and unpredictable, they still pull out a classic every now and then, and that just gets them second place for me. I think WWE's problem is they feel the need to have the same crowd pleasing spots in every match, resulting in people like Cena and Batista, and even Rey Mysterio of all people, putting on samey, predictable matches. But every now and then WWE do pull out a classic match on a regular enough basis. Like HBK v Undertaker at WM, the Raw chamber match at No Way Out or even John Morrison vs Evan Bourne the last week on ECW. I rarely see TNA put on matches of that caliber.

Last, i have to put TNA. Which is terrible because TNA have some of the most talented, exciting wrestlers in the world. From watching impact though, there's hardly any emphasis on the X Division anymore (where most of the exciting talent is situated), a lot of matches are too gimmicky and people like Foley, Nash, , Jarrett, Booker T and Steiner just take up so much fucking air time and just.... stink up the whole show really! TNA have the talent to put on much higher quality matches, they just choose not to. Also, i always have had a problem with the six sided ring and i don't think i'll ever really be able to get rid of that...

How bout you? First, second and third?


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ROH, TNA then WWE.

ROH has pretty much everything, from aerial specialists to spotfests to all out brawls. TNA reminds me of what WCW used to be like in the last 2 or 3 years before it died. WWE has become very diluted since they had to become kid friendly and that to me is rather sad.
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I cant comment on ROH because I havent seen enough to give a real statement about the quality of wrestling. But if I have to choose between TNA and WWE have to go with WWE hands down. Personally I am not a fan of half of the wrestlers on TNA, and I think some of the WWE wrestlers runs circles around the wrestlers from TNA when it comes to quality.


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Well right now I'd probably go with ROH, and at the same time while I think TNA has it's problems I still contend that for the most part it's not the performers or the in ring performances itself, rather it's the god awful writing of Russo and Cornette who just can't piece a good or even understandable storyline together to save their lives.


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This is also tough for me because I've never seen a Ring of Honor match. It wouldnt be fair for me to include them or con.

I would still put WWE over TNA though. I put them over TNA in almost everything except for tag team wrestling. WWE has its boring matches with big dudes or whatever but guys like that draw viewers.

TNA has a ton of guys who are great wrestlers who I'd like them to use more. Right now I think WWE is just the better wrestling organization in all aspects