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Best wrestling DVDs


I am the woolrus
ok, to be honest i was never huge into wrestling when i was younger. but not that long ago i just started watching old 90's videos of wrestlers i knew OF when i was a kid but never got the chance to really see in their prime (wwf was never on irish tv) like classic Undertaker and Kane, Stone Cold, Bret Hart and, most of all, D generation X and Mankind.

so... i've decided to stock up on classic WWF wrestling dvds for some entertainment up at college :D problem is i'm not sure where to start. So what are the best wrestling dvds out there? PPVs, documentaries, compilations, anything. lay it on me!


You need The Rock DVD in your collection. He definitely deserves to be in the top 5 of best wrestling DVDs out there. I would say avoid any Undertaker DVD just because he never talks about the matches out of character. He's always in kayfabe and sometimes you just want to see the real him talking about how his matches went down. It sucks that he's always in kayfabe. :\

If you like Jeff and Matt Hardy, I suggest the Twist of Fate DVD they recently put out. That one looks appealing and good if you're into the two of them.