Best wrestler of all time Final Round

Best Wrestler of all time Final Round

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Well Ladies and Gentleman, the final round of the Best Wrestler of all Time as finally arrived. It's going to be a triple threat, I know, we screwed up earlier, so this is how its going to be. I apologize once again. I have no clue what happened.

None the less, this is going to be tough.

So lets try to get the most votes possible.

Your three finalist are:

Bret The Hitman Hart
Stone Cold Steve Austin

Lets vote away, please explain why you went with that wrestler over another.
Edge for me.

Stone Cold was more of a charismatic, decent wrestler in his prime. He and The Rock really made the Attitude Era entertaining. However, there seems to be more stints with them instead of wrestling. Out Stone Cold goes.

Bret Hart... Well, I saw matches with him and I wasn't really impressed. I mean, I like the guy and would like it if he were in the WWE between 1999-2005, but his wrestling just doesn't impress me as much as Edge's does. Bret is out.

Edge! His charisma, wrestling ability, ability to play heel, face AND tweener; his look and his athleticism.
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I gotta vote for my favorite one on this, I can;t turn my back on the Rattlesnake. If it wasn't for him I wouldnt be into wrestling. . . let millz give out a better explanation when he votes.


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I was caught for a second between Stone Cold and Bret Hart but i decided to go with Bret.

I love Stone Cold and he's done so much for the business, he personified the Attitude era, but watching Bret wrestle is just like poetry in motion. He was a true master of his art.


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Bret Hart was amazing. His technical skills where unbeaten, he could make a match with Khali or Batista look good, and thats saying something.

He really was the total package, the best there is,the best there was and the best there ever will be :D


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For me it's between two wrestlers, Edge and Bret Hart, and no Vilky it's not because there both Canadian. Stone Cold was great for the WWE, like Millz mentioned plenty of times he's the one that made WCW go out of business, he was a good wrestler, not great, but he sure can talk on the microphone, and make a crowd react by saying one little word.

Edge is the best wrestler in the business today, he's won multiple belts, he's a great face and an even better heel, he knows how to get a reaction from the crowd and he's an incredible talent in the ring, he can do almost anything.

But then you have Bret Hart, there's a reason why he said The Best There is, The Best there was, The Best there will ever be. There's no one that can match his wrestling abilities. The man could do anything in that ring. In 23 years of wrestling, he never injured anybody, that's more then incredible, that's outstanding, you also have to take into consideration that Bret Hart was very physical in the ring, which makes it even more outstanding that he never injured anybody in 23 years in the business.

Like Atreyu mentioned, he can make Batista look good. I'm not 100% on what I'm about to say, but I'm ready to bet that he was always the one leading the matches he was in, doesn't matter who he was wrestling.

My favorite match of all time was Mr Perfect vs Bret Hart at Summerslam 91 for the Intercontenental Belt. Mr. Perfect was the one who had the belt at the time, and he wasn't even suppose to wrestle because he had a really bad back. But the WWE kind of forced him to wrestle. He agreed, but he said that the only person he was going to wrestle was The Hitman, because he knew that he wouldn't make his back worst then it was. They went on to have one of the best matched of all time in my opinion, the moves that The Hitman put on Curt were outstanding, and when he kicked out of the Perfect Plex was simply breath taking. After the match was done, Mr. Perfect was happy with the outcome, because his back wasn't worst then what it already was.

When I think about my favorite matches of all time, 90% of them had Bret Hart. Here are some of my favorite matches from him. You might not agree, but they were great wrestling matches in my opinion.

Bret Hart vs Owen Hart at Wrestlemania
Bret Hart vs British Bulldog Summerslam 92 in England
Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect Summerslam 91
Bret Hart vs Stonecold Wrestlemania 13
Bret Hart vs HBK Iron Man Match

There's many more, but those are defenitely my favorites.

So even if this was very hard to choose, there's no doubt in my mind that Bret Hart was the best wrestler of all time.
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It's true, alota my favorite matches of all time alot were from Hart too.. shit, I wana change my vote.. Stone Cold is my favorite but no doubt Hart had more talent techincal, and on the mic he was okay, the guy had great charisma, great as a heel, great a face... I know millz says that Austin put WCW out of business.. but if Hart never left WWE imagine how the attitude era would be WITH the Hitman.. dunno why I voted stone cold...

I never saw Edge as one of the greatest of all time, but since I'm Canadian I'll take it.


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Okay, I voted.

I picked "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as the greatest wrestler of all time. Instead of talking up Hart and Edge I'll just discuss why I picked Austin over them. But before I get to that I want to say I have nothing against Hart or Edge. In fact, these are probably my three favorites of all time. Hart would be 2nd place and Edge a close third...anyways...

What can I say about Austin now that I haven't said about Austin before? Promo wise he's better then both Hart and Edge. Wrestling wise there's no denying that Hart is one of the best ever if not the best ever. The thing about is that Austin wasn't a terrible wrestler. In fact, he was above average to great in the ring. He had awesome matches with guys like Undertaker, Big Show and Kane but when working with Hart, Rock and HHH he also excelled.

He was the biggest name in pro wrestling at its highest peak...the Monday Night Wars/Attitude Era. He was the focal point of every show and was the top guy in the entire wrestling world. Bret Hart, where awesome, lead the WWE during its lowest point...1993-1997. He was great during that time frame but people werent watching as much then as they did when Austin showed up.

He drove Hart to be a heel because he was such a bad ass that the fans took to Austin over Hart. He changed wrestling...DX didnt do that, NWO didnt do it, Steve Austin did it. Wrestlemania 13 was the beginning of the Austin era and the Attitude Era IMO. McMahon realized this and marketed Austin accordingly.

If you go back and watch the pops Austin got they are untouched by Hart, Hogan, Edge, Undertaker, ANYBODY. What Austin did in the ring isnt as important as what he did on the mic and outside the ring. He changed wrestling, he forced World Championship Wrestling out of business. He wasnt the only guy but because of his character (him being himself) he changed the landscape of wrestling forever.

Hart was the better wrestler and Edge won more championship but neither of them changed pro wrestling and helped bankrupt an entire wrestling organization like Austin helped to do. I'll put his mic skills against anybody in history not named The Rock and if you want to try and put down his in ring skills you might want to change your mind.

Those are the reasons why I picked Austin. Agree or not I dont care.


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stone cold!
i like that he got a good crowd reaction by saying WHAT?
and his in ring ability ruled. he didnt seem to care about money but entertaing the fans, o and he gave vince and fam hell!


bret had alot of spirit but just lacked the spark that catches attention so he gets #2

and edge, hes smart but i just dont care for him. #3

time to play gta and "open a can of whoop ass, and thats the bottem line cuz stone cold said so."
(love those lines tho i misquoted to make it fit...)
Aww, I expected more people to vote for Edge. I guess I'm the only one who adores him more than the others. Hehe

I suppose at the end of his career we'll have another one of these "Best Wrestler of ALL-TIME" threads and maybe he'll get more votes then. =P