Best/Worst Opening

Which anime do you think has the best opening? Not just the song, but the presentation as a whole? Which opening do you least like?

My favorite opening would probably have to be Genshiken. Not only is the song awesdome, but it does very well for not acvtually having any action other then Guilty Gear footage. The Kujibiki Unbalance opening is almost as good though, better presentation, but not as good a song.

My least favorite opening would have to be Final Fantasy Unlimited. I just never liked it all that much.


my favorite openings would probably consist of aishiteruze baby's sunny side up, supergals! A-I-T-S-U, one piece's 2nd and 4th openings.

i can't think of the worst opening but the worst ending i've seen/heard would have to be bleach - happy people


Naruto 2nd, 4th, and 6th ....... Gantz (the song is the same but the video changes) .......... and the i really liked the 2nd FMA opening ... i also dont really have any lease favs ... the one piece ones are good too
Does any opening stand above the rest for you? This isn't for openings you like/dislike, it's for the best and worst you've seen. You may like the worst opening you've seen, but it'd still be the worst you've seen.


then i'll just go with naruto #4, thats the best off the top of my head


Ms. Malone
I love the bebop opening, the way it's all put together is great and so different.

I hate the Samurai Champloo opening, it's just really boring and the theme sucks too...


Sultan of Swat
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I haven't seen a lot of anime openings but I really like the Dragon Ball Z opening I like the song, and when they power up at the end when you see them pose.