Movies Best Worst Films?


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Alright I love my awesome horrible movies. You know, they're so bad they're good? Or heck even the ones that are just plain baaaad.

I was wondering what everyone's favorite worst movies they'd seen were?

For ones that are so bad they're good you've gotta check out Alien Apocalypse, A B-list action movie with atrocious characters, awkward lines, horrible dubbing of actors who speak ENGLISH...why do they need dubbing? And the worst special affects you've ever seen.

But my favorite type is the exploitation film. These are films that prey on the person who goes to see a movie JUST because it has something in the title, or features one aspect they like, or that blatantly prey on another franchise's successes. (My definition of exploitation film might be horrible)

For exploitation films of much more popular titles: Lady Terminator, Inglorious Bastards 2: Hells Heroes, Turkish Star Wars, Jaws 5: Cruel Jaws, and Terminator 2.

(Some of these films may feature nudity/blood and gore. Ask me before you watch them if you're worried about either.)

And finally these are the movies I've never watched but I read the title and seen a review, and its enough. And that's all I hope any of you do =P

Porno Holocaust.
ET The Porno.
Beaver And Buttface.

I checked upon the GF rules and I am allowed to bring up these movie titles :)

What about you? They don't need to be as bad as mine or as numerous, heck they can just be movies that were hyped up way too much and turned out horrible


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I have to say the Mad Max series of movies. A completely bizarre and low budget series of movies, but are just epic in their own unique way, and have a massive cult following. Its just cheezy in a classicly awesome kind of way, as fucked up as it sounds


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I watched a movie once called alien 2000. Hilarious. It looked like some highschool kids put it together in their back yard lol. Cheesy to the nth degree. I watch it a second time because it was so bad, it was good.


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such a horrible movie, seriously watch it some time

there is no plot, its just motorcycles driving about 400mph and awful stunts


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Lost in Space......:lol: They even set it up for a sequel but it was sooooo bad the couldn't get anyone to watch the first movie...... The MST3K guys should have tore that one apart.....:lol:
The entire Leprechaun series. I absolutely loved Leprechaun: In The Hood. I wish they'd make a new one, but I've never heard of any plans to do so.