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Wii Best Wii Game Yet


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I think It's the Super Mario Galaxy is still the best....(for me)

Never heard about the Wii game you mentioned....


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I have to say Wii sports because it's the only game that I've actually played, I played Mario galaxies once at Gamestop though.

Code Lyoko is a show on Cartoon Network (or something like that) where there is a real world and a virtual world and what goes on inside the virtual world affects what goes on in the real world. It's kind of a cool idea but I didn't like the show that much because they could have done it a lot better.

Hopefully I will play some other Wii games soon...


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The only Wii game I've played is Twilight Princess, and I've only played it on Gamecube. It's an amazing game. Only other games I care to play are Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3.


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right now. Mario Galaxy

I played Mario galaxies once at Gamestop though.

Before that. Metroid Prime 3

Before that. Rayman Raving Rabbids, Twilight Princess, Excite Truck, Super Paper Mario.

There are many Wii games that are excellent, it just all depends on your opinion of a good game


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i'd say the best Wii game is a three way tie right now between Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy, and Super Paper Mario....until the new Smash Bros. hits, then that wins by default.


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I love Super Paper Mario a ton, but it's Legend of Zelda for me still


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I just encountered cow racing for the first time last night. Quite possibly the most interesting game I've seen in years.