Best Wide Receiver in the NFL?

Discussion in 'NFL' started by TheSportsGuy, Dec 2, 2006.

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    Torry Holt, number 81, St. Louis Rams wide receiver, has been playing in the league for seven straight season. Perhaps, he is the most consistent wide out in the league right now. Lets take a look. In his rookie season, in 1999, coming out of North Carolina State, 788 receiving yards in his rookie season. It didn't really blow people away, but the mind boggoling thing was that, in Super Bowl XXXIV, as the Rams took on the Tennessee Titans, he had a touchdown, and could have had another, and took home the game's MVP instead of Kurt Warner, but made a rookie mistake, dropping it.

    Onto the point, after that season, he has amassed over 1300+ yards, six consecutive times. He is the only wide out in NFL History to ever do such a thing. That's the main legit fact why I say he's the most consistent receiver in the NFL. I don't think Terrell Owens could do something like that now, with his age, nor Randy Moss. Now, it's possible for Steve Smith to do that, but lets look at his history..he's more inconsistent then he is consistent. The exact reason I think Smith is the most overrated wide out in the NFL right now. The media is all over him, after his one good year. I say kudos to the man, but after all this media hype, they treat him like a God.

    Did they treat Torry Holt like a God in the 2003-2004 season when he had over 1600+ yards with 117 receptions! Wow! What a statbook! And no, they did not. He was invited to the Pro Bowl however. That's the big setoff. I don't understand why they rode Steve Smith's nuts all season after one good year..check out this:

    First of all, this is another stat that sets Torry aside from Steve. Quite funny as well, might I add. Steve Smith played all 16 regular season games this past year. Torry Holt? He was injury-bugged for at least 6 of them. Though, Holt still played 14 of the 16 regular season games to give it his all.

    No, that is not the stat i'm talking about, but just a bonus. Here is the actual thing. Torry Holt, was only three receptions away from winning the receiving title. Wow! Now, did he even get mentioned by the media? No he didn't! The media was all over Steve Smith, who just had one good season, after so many other years of being so inconsistent and unable to play due to injuries.

    The media has always annoyed me by that. As Holt played 10 games perfectly fine, 100%, and the next 4 hurt and in pain, but still only three receptions from the receiving title after missing two games when Smith played all 16? That's rediculously good, and I highly doubt other receivers could do what this man has done.

    Lets take a look at Smith's career yardage:
    2001: 154
    2002: 872
    2003: 1110
    2004: 60
    2005: 1563

    (Kudos for coming back from that leg injury, but can he STAY healthy for 3-4 consecutive years. We'll see..maybe i'll eat my words, if so, fine! And yes, Smith is still young, but when Holt was 3 years younger as Smith is to him, he made the most of it in his career, and hasn't slowed much down yet.)

    Do you see what I mean about inconsistency? Wow. I just don't understand how he just got so much hype. Lets take a look at Torry's career yardage, beginning in 1999:

    1999: 788
    2000: 1635
    2001: 1363
    2002: 1302
    2003: 1696 (Wowzah! And he almost had 1700 yards! Holy Ice Cream Man. Get the truck over here!)
    2004: 1372
    2005: 1331

    Talk about consistency. That is what I mean, by Torry Holt easily being the best receiver in the NFL.

    Consistency: Holt > Smith

    Off the field? Lets see, Holt does all he can to encourage his team. He is basically the new-age leader for the Rams, besides Marc Bulger and Isaac Bruce. Did you see him before the Dallas Cowboys/St. Louis Rams game, in Week 17? He was hyping up the team like no other.

    Also, a few years ago, he took a paycut for the Rams just so we could get a rookie signed. Wow. Do you ever see TO, Moss, or Smith actually doing that? No, instead, TO goes out, and feels like he is "out-playing" (as he said in his new book) his contract, and feels as if he needs more money.

    That's pretty sad when stuff like that happens, when a guy who has out-performed all those receivers and is still under the radar from the media such as ESPN, NFL Network, and such and such.

    Pros and Cons of Holt? Hmm..

    I've listed so many..but here are a couple more

    He helps out with the charity
    Helps the kids all over St. Louis
    Took that paycut a few years back
    And in the off-season, he works as an NFL Analyst every once in a while
    He has a GREAT attitude, and is fun to watch on tv, because he is full of energy and excitement
    He never throws a fit (such as TO from last year's offseason)
    He never lets his team down (ahem...Moss..Minnesota days..ahh)
    More consistent than any other receiver in the NFL THUS FAR
    Helps out younger players

    Last two years, he's been injured, but he shakes it off like a real man, and got back onto the field playing it all out for his team unlike any other.
    What else?

    Thanks for reading. I didn't mean to offend any Smith, Owens, or Moss fans..which I try hard every day to respect each one of them, but I was just trying to set across a point. I'm a huge Rams fan, and dig up as much information as I can about them every day to just find out one step more.

    *waits for someone to use the excuse of calling me biased*

    Also, take this into perspective, Torry Holt has only been in the league for eight years, and played only 119 games and he already has 10,000+ yards. Yet, he is the quickest player in the history of the NFL to get 10,000 in so little games.

    And he's looking to extend his streak from being the only NFL player to have 6 straight 1300 yard seasons to being 7 straight. The guy is so damn good, yet so damn underrated by the media.

    Going to Marvin Harrison now:

    Well, I for one, love Marvin's play style and for what bread and butter he brings to the entire table for the Indianapolis Colts, but I've always had the theory to believe if he didn't have Peyton Manning, he wouldn't be able to do as well. Lets say Torry Holt had Peyton Manning (No, I'm not putting down Marc Bulger. He's a great quarterback, and he's proving it this year, but I'm just talking about one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL History. Though, this year, Bulger has been fantastic having 14 TD's and only 4 INT. Yet, he hasn't even been mentioned in the MVP votings. Oh well, beggers can't be choosers, right? The Rams suck.) Like I said, that's just my theory, and we might never know how Harrison would play with a different quarterback, but what we do know is, Harrison makes plays for the Colts, and that's what really matters for that team.

    This little "essay" is one I have saved in Wordpad format on my desktop that I've used on a different forum so I just didn't type that in two seconds, Lol.

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    That's a great essay my friend. But I think overall the best wide receiver in the league is Terrell Owens, he might of dropped a lot of balls this season, but he's so talented. The yards he does after the catch is incredible the best in the league. People think its Marvin Harrison, he's good, but it also helps that he has the best quarterback in the NFL giving him the ball. Smith and Holt are great receivers, but they can be takle easier then Owens can. Owens might have a big mouth but he's the most talented Wide Out in the league.
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    I would have to do with TO too
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    Good points, bro, I actually agree with that Holt and Smith are easier to tackle because it's true. I've never heard someone who has brung up TO against that post actually bring up that. Kudos to you.

    If this was 4-5 years ago, even 2 years ago when he was with Philadelphia, I would have thought Owens was the best receiver in the NFL, but I just think he's lost a step in his game. On Thanksgiving Day, he dropped 3-4 passes that could have been touchdowns. Against the Giants, on 4th down that would have kept the 'Boys in the game against New York, he dropped a small 4-5 yard pass.

    I mean, just IMO, I think Holt would have easily reeled that in, since there's a reason why he's earned the nickname Torry "Big Game" Holt. I'm a fan of Owens as a player (not much as a person, but there are some characteristics about him that I think he's a good guy such as he has alot of heart and has love for his family, especially his grandmother. You would know if you've read his latest book, definitely), but whether I'm biased or not I would just take Torry Holt if I was going to take one of them in a draft. He's just so inconsistent and who knows what his stats will look like at the end of his career.

    Holt has made Bulger a great quarterback, and Owens has helped out Romo alot too, but he didn't really do that for Bledsoe. Both of them are great receivers, without a doubt, but I'd end up taking Holt any day of the week because of his consistent, big play, never-die, keep going, leadership ability, and I'm going to bring up the point again that he never runs his mouth out loud as Owens has done in his career. Sure that doesn't relate to being on the football field -- or does it? Owens affected the Eagles last year and costed them to having a bad season so I think I'll bring that up again.

    If only every player in the NFL had Torry Holt's enthusiasm and willingness to get out onto the football field and not just play, but play hard.
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    I agree he has dropped a lot of balls that he should of caught this season, and he has admitted it, and it cost him the game against the Redskins, because he clearly dropped a ball that should of been caught and brought to the house for a touchdown. He's not the same player he was 3-4 years ago, but I still believe that if he's put in a key play he wont disapoint because hes just a big time player, and when the game is on the line he wants the ball, and I am sure Romo has tremoundous confidence in him, because he knows what he has done threw out is career. He might had a bad experience in Philly but he did help them to the Super Bowl, and he even played during that game(he had a great game) he wasn't even suppose to play, but he took a chance because he knew the Eagles had a bigger chance of winning with him in the line up. He has a big mouth but he can back it up thats for sure.
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    Oh, definitely, but keep in mind that three of those four years that Philly made it to the NFC Championship without Owens. The fourth year in the playoffs, Owens was out the entire time, so McNabb put the Eagles in the Super Bowl that time, and Owens excelled in that game. 'Can't really say the same thing about McNabb in that one. It was just strange how McNabb actually carried them into the Super Bowl in the playoffs that year, but pretty much choked in the Super Bowl, as Owens played his own out there.

    Kinda reminds me of how Torry Holt did for St. Louis in Super Bowl XXXIV when my Rams won the whole fiasco, where he had a TD, and almost had another but it bounced off his helmet (I don't really want to bring up Super Bowl XXXVI for several reasons, but that would have been a better comparison though, since both the Rams and Eagles lost in the respective Super Bowls. But in the losing SB's, Owens outplayed Holt.)

    I just think right now at this moment, Holt is the best in the league.
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    I couldn't be stuffed making a essay big as that.

    Terrel Owens, enough said

    *1 More post and it's 900*
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    Lol, sorry that this upcoming post will be off-topic, but when I made the original post of this without some of the included stats, I went into a huge deep-thought zone that I never visit anymore. I spent an hour gazing at the monitor gathering my thoughts of the great receivers that are Torry Holt, Terrell Owens, and Steve Smith. Including thoughts of Chad Johnson and Randy Moss. I want to be a sports writer one day, so I've been trying to make these types of babies for the last couple of years to practice a little bit.

    I just love to put them out on forums to gather some thoughts and have some fun debates with some people.
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    Good Luck mate, no one is stopping you and I really hope you make it to the big times one day
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    Torry Holt's amazing numbers and his consistency cannot be denied. He usually gets overshadowed by the Steve Smiths and TOs of this world, and that's a shame. I agree and think Holt is the best receiver in terms of production. In terms of talent, I'd have to go with Randy Moss, Steve Smith, and then TO.

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