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Best way to...


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
So, fellow geeks, what would be the best way to tell a chick that you're crazy about her?

Yeah, I have a specific story, but I don't care to share it right now. Ladies feel free to share how you'd tell a guy you were nuts over him.


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Well, the geek approach to dating requires a careful touch. Not being a geek myself I really wouldn't know what to tell you... ;)

But hey here's my best guess. First of all, just say NO to asking out over the phone, email, IM, MySpace, or snail mail. Be a man, comb your hair, clean up, shave the half-stache or soul patch gotee (full of either is ok to keep of course) and then you shouldn't have anything to worry about...

Unless of course there is no chemistry whatsoever. I'm assuming that this isn't a completely one way street, but if it is you are gonna get hit hard. Make sure to look both ways before crossing and wait for the opening!

It really all comes down to Frogger. :D

But like I said, not being a geek myself it's kind of hard to say for sure. I'd say try my advice and see what happens. :nod:


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OK the old experience female steps in :D (married 25 yrs this year thankyouverymuch)!

First of all you stop calling her a "chick" :nod:

Andrew is right (good job) Yup do it in person and looking good. Don't need a suit and tie but at least put on a clean pair of jeans and shave something.

I wouldn't tell her you're crazy about her right off unless you already have a good relationship. Don't want to scare her away. The best way is either flirt.....little comments like she looks nice. Be interested in what she is saying and LISTEN to what she is saying (BIG bonus points for that one)

If you are already friends with this person and/or have mutual friends in common the ol high school thing works. Have someone feel her out. Just a comment like "what do you think of Steve"? If this isn't the case you can always try the shy oh shucks way. Just ask her if she'd consider having dinner (or go to a movie etc) with you. We don't mind shy and we don't mind a bit goofy....if we like you we tend to think it's kind of cute :nod:

Most important...be yourself. Don't fake it. Be prepared for rejection....as much as that sucks you know it's a risk. Don't push if she says no. Maybe wait awhile and try again....something more simple. If it's still no then possibly it wasn't meant to be?

BTW it's a total myth that women don't like geeks. (heck if Bill Gates can find a woman.....:lol: ) I'd rather have nice and geeky than loud and borish.
(although I married nice and loud :confused: HA! Sometimes I wish he was more of a geek! :D

GOOD LUCK!!!! Any ??? ask away!