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Best way to photograph a city skyline at night?


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I've never really been able to successfully take pictures of building and cities at night. Does anybody have any suggestions or tips to get really nice looking crisp pictures at night?

The lights always are either blurry or too bright, making everything else look really dark.

Any ideas? (Preferably from somebody who has some photography experience..)


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Well.. I got some photography experience. But ih. What kind of camera are you using?


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You need a tripod and a camera with a decent over exposure setting. You should probably experiment with the over exposure on your camera, and the blur is probably from your hands moving the camera while it's trying to capture the image. Maybe sit it on a rock?


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Make sure your shutter speed is set high as well. The longer your shutter is open, the more light it can capture, creating the blurriness. keep in mind that I really only shoot with a 35mm, and its been awhile.


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Well you can't have too quick of a shutter speed, because you've got to be able to give it enough time for the background to develope. It really depends on how bright of a city you're talking about. If it's a large city, then you could probably have a faster shutter speed, but if it's a small city, I'd say slower shutter speed and photoshop are your best bets.

A tripod is essential if you're getting too much blurriness. (Streamy lights) Also try and find a focus in your camera (what camera are you using anyway?) that will reduce a lot of the blur.


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I was wondering if film cameras are better than digital one? I am looking into buying a really nice camera.


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It depends on what you're going for. For a traditional user a digital camera will serve it's purpose and be better. However, there are some advantages to an old fashion .35 mm camera. The more you understand about photography the more customizable that .35 mm becomes. Like I said it's based completely on what you plan to be doing, as an everday user it's much more practical to get a digital camera for around the house. If you're looking more artistic, .35 mm is much better. Developing the film yourself can make your pictures change shape, form, and style easily.