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Best way to get out of work


Registered Member
We all have a lazy side. So many of us would much rather spend the day in bed instead of having to go in to work...especially on a Monday.

So, in honor of this Monday, I was wondering what some of your best tactics are to get out of work.

You obviously have the "death in the family" or the "sick" child. I'm more wondering if anyone has anything slightly more well thought up or creative.


Registered Member
I don't quite lack the moral boundaries to use the "Death in the family excuse" but I will make up fake illnesses for my self, although it only works when theyre serious and I can't be bothered with when a lie starts to spiral out of control.

Just tell your boss that you "Can't be arsed!" lol


Sally Twit
I don't see the point in lying. It'll come back to bite you in the arse.

If you really want a day off then just book it as holiday. That's my take on it.

I've never had a fake sick day. I've rarely taken any sick days to be honest.

Sure, work is a pile of shit at the best of times but I'd feel too guilty to lie. Especially something like a death in the family. I'd hate to say that and then lose someone.


Registered Member
I'm not saying that people should...but I know that there are some good stories out there.

The reason I ask was one of my employees today called in sick...because the fog was too thick. The problem? There wasn't fog within 500 miles of work.


We all have a lazy side. So many of us would much rather spend the day in bed instead of having to go in to work...especially on a Monday.
I don't really need to stay in bed after I am relaxed during the weekend.
So I wouldn't say I'm lazy on Monday. Actually, It's quite the opposite. I'm happy to wake up and go to work because being all day in bed gets pretty boring.
I'm not a fan of bed.


Hell, It's about time!
Sick kid is always sure to get you off work. Don't use it too much though... they'll catch on eventually.


Haters gonna hate.
I haven't had enough time working to pull any excuses, but I am not the person that would lie to get out of things. I hate being dishonest.


Well-Known Member
I suffer migraines, so on days I really couldn't be bothered, I had a ready built excuse. Even if the boss says you need a doctors note...you can't fucking prove a migraine.


aka ginger warlock
I have never pulled a sicky unless I am honestly sick for two reasons:

A - I would be bored stiff sitting around doing nothing
B - I would be too scared I would be found out and if you get caught out once you may have the crying wolf syndrome.

I did have to go home once from work because I picked up the rhino virus which without wanting to make anyones lunch time bad, it was hard to hold anything in if you see what I mean... that was not a fun afternoon.


I didn't do it, but I know someone who once purposely fell down the stairs and hurt his ankle to get out of going to school.

Now that's dedication to a day off!