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Best Videogame Music


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Son of Liberty
its funny how just recently I was playing Batman: Arkham Asylum and I got to thinking about how crucial full on soundtracks / scores are to some of these games. That without the added feeling / effect from the background music some of the scenes just wouldnt be near the same.

So I'll definitely say that the music from Arkham Asylum is up there, hell if its the one that made me have that thought in the first place it should at least get a nod right :hah:

The other one is the soundtrack from God of War II. This one I actually even bought because it was such an awesome score.


The Rock is cooking atm..
The soundtracks help the game so much....without some of the awesome music in some scenes within a game, the game would just suck imo, no matter the gameplay.


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We've had this thread so many times.

My favorite video game music is Metroid Prime. I could literally post almost every song from the game, most of them are awesome.
YouTube - Metroid Prime Soundtrack - Underwater Frigate

I love most of the Halo music. Halo 2 theme is my favorite.
YouTube - Halo 2 Theme song
or the last warthog run in Halo 3. Epic.
YouTube - Halo 3 Warthog Run Music

Also love the Goldeneye and Perfect Dark music.

Cons, the Bioshock music sounds really good. I've always wanted to play that game.


FF7 Boss theme (FIGHT!!):

YouTube - Final Fantasy VII Music - Fight On! (Boss Battle)
XenoGears (very sad):

YouTube - Xenogears Music - Lost... Broken Shards

FF12 - Clash on the Big Bridge (FIGHT!!):

YouTube - Final Fantasy XII Music - Clash on the Big Bridge ~FFXII Version~

XenoGears (more sad music):

YouTube - Xenogears Music - Gathering Stars in the Night Sky

All the video game music I really enjoy comes from Final Fantasy games and XenoGears. Oh, well, basically it all comes from SquareSoft/SquareEnix games. Gotta love it!


The Rock is cooking atm..