Best. VGC. Ever. Quarter-Finals: Round 19

Lu Bu vs. Mario

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Quarter-Finals: Round 19:


This is the 19th round of a 30 round contest starting with 32 Characters and ending with one, the best video game character. Ever.

Also you may argue and discuss why you think your favorite character is the best.

The poll with end within the next 24 hours.

Dont Forget: It's about the best character, not game!


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Lu Bu fails.

Mario is a much better character because he's not some half-assed character loosely based on an old asian warrior. Mario, with his array of gadgets he's had in different games, would embarass that ancient clown.


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Yeah...Kaz has a point too, I didn't see this till this morning >>;

Lu Bu of course! I mean Mario is good but, Lu Bu would just cream all those little monsters and ghosts, and Wario and Bowser would cower in fear. As the great Lu Bu says in DW5 "I fear no man!"


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yeah... And have it once a week. So everyone knows when to look for it. Like every Friday or Saturday. Something like that.


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As much as I love Mario, LuBu is a monster and wins by far.

I just now saw this thread.