Best underrated character


Demon King/Sith Warrior
Out of all the DBZ characters, which do you think is the best underrated one?

(Basically, any character that isn't a saiyan or a main villan)

Tien was pure awesomeness. Lots of cool attacks along with being strong, and his Shin Kikouhou attack that can fire for about a whole episode non-stop. Tien should've been able to kill Cell, but nooo he had to be thrown away. :mad:


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I always liked Yamcha. Too bad he spends almost the entire show being dead. :lol:

I also thought Radditz was cool. I would have liked to see him wished back at one point.


Sultan of Swat
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I have to agree with you Clear Note, I believe that Tien was very underrated, and never was given any credit because of the Saiyans. Tien vs Cell was one of the best fights in that saga in my opinion.
Zarbon or Dorian. Not enough screen time for either of them when they could've made for a better main villain than Frieza. I really liked Zarbon's lizard form.


Ms. Malone
Ignoring the...odd poses, i think Ginyu was cool-he had that change bodies technique which is pretty crafty; then he became a frog...whatever happened to hom after that?


Demon King/Sith Warrior
Filler-wise, I think he just died as a frog.

And manga-wise, I think he died along with the planet namek... :\

Also, I dunno why everybody loves Trunks. Trunks is cool, but he's not the most badass character. He's just a toned down Vegeta who looks like a male version of bulma.

I agree, Raditz was underrated. He was evil and badass, he deserved more than 4 episodes.