Best thing You've Ever Done


I am the woolrus
What is THE best thing you've ever done in your life? Could be an achievement, an act of charity, a life changing decision you made, anything! just off the top of your head......


Sally Twit
Moving out of my parents house and starting a life with my boyfriend after almost 7 years. We were in a long distance relationship for over 6 years and we have finally done what we've wanted to do for so long.


"There can be only one!"
I became a Father, and I was there for the birth. Being there for the birth is something that no one can ever prepare you for, and I am so glad I was there.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I became interested in the world. Used to be I was just thinking of myself and my little world and my needs. Then my uncle wrote me a short line I took to heart: "To be interesting, be interested."


Lion Rampant
It hasn't happened yet. All of my best achievements so far have been either mostly about me, like beating both heroin and the ensuing alcoholic nosedive, or fairly easy to accomplish. Tell you what; lemme get back to you in a few months and we'll talk. ;)


scientia potestas est
The best thing I have ever done will happen in May. I will gradate from college with a double major. When I was little and first diagnosed with a learning disability they told my parents I would never be able to make it to regents level classes. So I guess I beat the odds in my own way.