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Best Thanksgiving Food


Registered Member
What's your favorite Thanksgiving Day dinner food??
Probably turkey, right??
But what other food item that gets served on Thanksgiving, do you especially look forward to??
My favorite dish is a sweet potato casserole, covered with marshmallows!
Some people have ham on Thanksgiving too, as well as turkey, cause some folks don't like turkey~


Babeasaurus Sex
YAMS!!!!! Omg....yam yam yams.




Well-Known Member
I really want to have a thanksgiving dinner, they sound amazing. So, who wants to let me crash their thanksgiving? lol Is it anything like Christmas dinner, or is it completely different?


You've never had a Thanksgiving? Oh, man. Can you make it to the states? Haha.

I can't speak for others but Thanksgiving is a lot bigger than Christmas dinner. It's all about getting fat & watching football. Haha.


Registered Member
Yeah, Thanksgiving dinners are bigger than Christmas.
I honestly don't care to do squat on Christmas.....even when my children were small, it was a simple meal.
I like sweet potatoes, and I like cranberry sauce, it's the only time of the year when I get to eat cranberry sauce :)