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SEGA Best Sonic for Genesis


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I have to say my favorite Sonic game for the Sega Genesis was BY FAR Sonic 2. I loved the multiplayer vs. mode, and still play it to this day. It's leaps and bounds above Sonic 1 (sprite-wise), and was just an awesome game to play when it first came out.

It was totally Japanese feeling, but maybe that's why it was so cool. Chemical Plant Zone was one of my favorite levels, and that was convenient because I had to play it alot, since it was only Level 2. :)
I'd have to go with Sonic 3 and Knuckles. It was such a long, epic game. I like how they implemented a lot of 3D into it, like the emerald challenges and the rotating tubes in Flying Battery Zone. The final set of bosses is a great, fun challenge, and gives a great ending to such an epic game. Knuckles was also an excellent new character, and playing through his game was fun as well, especially since he had his own final boss.


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I'm going to say two, mostly because that's the only one I owned for Genesis. I could cruise through the first level in about thirty seconds, I was proud of that.


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I was never a huge Sonic fan. I only owned the first one, but played some of the other ones at friends' houses. I guess Sonic 1 was my favorite, though I never did beat it.
I've never really cared for Sonic 1. It's too slow paced, and I don't like having to go through three levels per act.


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RossDude said:
I've never really cared for Sonic 1. It's too slow paced, and I don't like having to go through three levels per act.
Isnt that how most of the orinigal Sonicgames are?

Of the early sonic games I have only played Sonic 2 for the Genesis, and Sonic CD on the Gems Collection disk on GC (has 3 acts per level)
Actually, aside from Sonic CD, after Sonic 1 all traditional Sonic games had two levels per act, with the boss being at the end of the second level.
By the way, how is Gems Collection? I've been meaning to get it, mainly for the famed Sonic CD which I've heard so much about.


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I would have to say that Sonic Pinball rocked!...:cool: That was a great game to sit and waste the day with...:D
And all the other ones too..:D


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i only got to play only one version on sonic.. that was sonic 3.
I never could get into sonic at all.. never saw a point...


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Does anyone here have the Sonic Mega Collection? Is it worth getting? Do they still sell it? I'm thinking about picking it up, or putting it on my Christmas list.