Best software to learn a foreign language with?


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What's the best software to learn a foreign language with?

I've heard good things about Rosetta Stone. Anybody here have experience with that or anything else?


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Apparently all the corporations out there use it for their employees so it must be one of the more effective language learning software. Never had the urge to learn a language and anything would be better than my 8th grade Spanish teacher so I say give it a shot if your looking to learn.


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I don't know with other languages but those who want to learn French, I have always suggested Living Language by RandomHouse. It's the best I've seen and the people I've recommended it to were happy with it.
I'm using Rosetta Stone to learn Italian... well I'm having a little break from it at the moment after completing the first bit. Its definately a different way to learn a language, worth a try, I'm not sure it would suit everyones learning style though.


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I too would like to learn another language. I would like to learn chinese. "What? a chinese person that doesn't speak chinese?" Before you laugh at me, I do know chinese but not the common one. My parents raised me teaching me a different chinese dialect and not many chinese people speak it. How am I suppose to communicate to other chinese people!! I always ask my mom how come they didn't raise us up learning the common dialect. She told me it was all about where my grandfather grew up and I guess he told my parents to teach us the dialect my grandfather grew up with.

My brother and I went to an asian market and the customer in front of us was hispanic and he was telling the worker if he can add more water and the worker didn't understand him because he didn't speak english. The guy turned to us and asked us to ask the worker if he can put more water in the back and my brother was like "sorry, we don't speak chinese" meaning we dont speak that dialect. The guy took it the wrong way and got angry and left. He probably got the impression that we didn't want to help him.

The chinese dialect I would like to learn is mandarin and cantonese.


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Yeah, I've heard so much about Rosetta Stone. They say like every US government agency uses them to train their employees in at least basic foreign language skills. Idk. I have it, and it's pretty easy to use and I learned some Japanese before I got tired of it. You can download full versions of it from like any torrent or P2P type place anymore though....:D


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I've heard a lot about Rosetta Stone. It's supposed to be good, but I haven't gotten around to try it myself yet.
I love learning new languages, but I don't feel like I have the time to learn it properly. :-/

I've also heard that Talk now! is supposed to be useful, but I haven't tried that either.


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I'd like to learn a new language, but I don't really have any reason to. I'm curious about trying Rosetta Stone though.