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Best snowboard brand?


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Staff member
I will be getting a snowboard soon and want to get some advice on what the best boards are. I don't need pro, but I also don't want something that's gonna break on me.

I run duck style, so I'd prefer to get a board that is somewhat symmetrical, since I tend to ride left OR right foot forward.

I am left foot dominant though, so I'd put that on the front of the board when it came to actual binding positions.


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There are a lot of different snowboard brands, some definitely of better quality than others. What board u want depends on what u are most likely to be using it for. For alpine (just going down the hills and trails), Burton and Ride are the best brands u can get, although Burton is known to be the most expensive snowboard brand at times.

If you plan to do a little more freestyling, than by going online u can find numbers of boards more built for this than alpine. I personally don't use freestyle boards, so I can't really say which brand u can depend on, but typically, catalogs and websites advertise the best names up front, should give u some clue as to whats good and what's not.

Awesome job with the site bro, really turned out great. I'll be spending a lot of time here... :nod: