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Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by StroShow, Aug 7, 2008.

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    This could be anything from a line to a scene, to anything you want it to be ... from a good movie or bad ...the only thing i'll enforce is that i'd like a reason why it's your best single moment in a movie even when you post a video. I'll post mine a little later.

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    I have two that I really liked. I'll post the videos to show you. It's from two of my favorite movies of all time.

    The first one is Rocky 4 when Rocky trains before the big fight with Drago. I just love Stallone and I'm a huge fan of the Rocky movies and the training scenes are amazing, especially the one from Rocky 4.

    YouTube - Rocky IV training montage - Hearts On Fire

    Then the second one is from Few Good Men, it's when Tom Cruise is questioning Jack Nicholson on the stand, and asking him if he ordered the Code Red. Just an amazing scene with two great actors, both show great passion in this scene.

    YouTube - a few good men excerpt - "you can't handle the truth"

    Those are two of my favorite, no doubt.
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    I couldnt find the movie clip of it... but the Real event was easy to find. One of my absolute favorite movies is Miracle, one of my favorite scenes from that story is when Eruzione scores his goal. His wacky celebration along the boards has always been so memorable for me.

    YouTube - USA VS URSS(LAKE PLACID) Eruzione goal

    another one from that movie is the locker room scene when Herb Brookes tells his player "Bruised Thigh? Thats sure a hella of a long way from the Heart".... That whole eruption he starts in the locker room is straight up awesome.
    I also really liked this one (pardon the retarded edit at the end..... youtubers, what can ya do?)

    YouTube - You Shall not Pass!
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    This scene is from the movie Bloodsport with Jean Claude Van Damme. It's Frank Dux semi-final fight vs Paco. I cant get enough with that scene. Everytime I watch it I get so pumped up that I can take anyone in the world. I rewind that scene atleast 5 times everytime it's done.
    YouTube - Van Damme: Bloodsport - Dux vs Paco

    The next scene is from Remember The Titans. The titans are getting screwed by the refs, and the defensive coach goes nuts on the ref, and he wont listen to a word he says so he goes on to motivate is defense, and kick ass

    YouTube - Speech - Remember the Titans

    I have more that i'll post later. Enjoy these for now
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    There's something about the Sense and Sensibility scene...last scene with H. Grant and E. Thompson, that always gets me emotional. I've watched it several times...all the time feeling, "what's great about this movie again" :confused: ...and when I get to that scene, then I know why I'm watching it again.

    Dead Poets Society: This is a longer version of the scene, but the one I like is probably halfway in the video...when the students stand one by one to say O Captain my Captain. I just want to hug Ethan Hawke and make it alright.
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    There is only one correct answer to the question "Best single moment in a movie".

    YouTube - T-Rex Part From Jurassic Park 1

    There is no better scene in any movie ever than this scene. Man I remember the first time I saw that scene. I probably didn't blink at all during the entire scene. Totally takes me back. It's also quite possibly the best movie ever made.
    EDIT: The sound gets a little off towards the end but I'm sure you've all seen the movie anyway.
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    The T-Rex scene did straight up steal the whole movie. I'm gonna have to agree there that there have been fewer movies to pull off such a cliffhanger of a scene like that. I mean looking back thats some of Spielbergs greatest work hands down.
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