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Best seller in the WWE?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Overall who do you think is the best seller in the WWE? By best seller I don't just mean who can make moves look the most devastating (e.g. Evan Bourne) I also mean who can tell the best story through their selling, who can consistently sell well, who makes you believe what you're seeing is real the most?

For me I think it's really close between Undertaker and Randy Orton. Really close but I think Orton just edges it. Orton's so good at selling they have him get beat up just so he can sell.


Haters gonna hate.
Orton. Easily. A couple of years ago I would say Taker, but Orton sells like a champ, dude. So did Edge in his prime.

Orton can sell anything thrown at him.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
John Cena! Oh oh wait, you said BEST seller in the WWE and not the worst, gotcha.

Well, since HBK is retired and Triple H isn't that active anymore I guess I'll go either Orton or Punk.


Where is my Queen?
I think Christian is the best seller in the WWE today. He really knows how to take a beating in the ring, and he makes it look like that he will lose every match.


Haters gonna hate.
You know who sells the nasty moves well?

Evan Bourne. Remember the Airbourne to RKO move? Yeah. He sold the HELL out of that.