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SEGA Best Saturn Titles


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I wish the Saturn would have had more staying power. I loved that system. My vote for best Saturn titles are:
Panzer Dragoon
Castlevania Symphony

Anyone else own one?


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Staff member
I still have mine, and still play Nights from time to time. It's actually my favorite platform game ever. I would love to see the Sonic Team create another one for next gen systems.

I also thought the Jurassic Park Lost World game was pretty fun. It had good music too and some insanely hard levels. :D


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Nights and the orignal Resident Evil are my favorites for Saturn.


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fav games for the saturn were:

X-Men vs Street Fighter [ import - came with a RAM cart that got rid of the loading times {=D ]
Dragon Force
Shining the Holy Ark
Shining Force 3
Guardian Heroes [ need to chuck that on ebay ]
Resident Evil

and a game i haven't gotten to play but hope someday i will
Panzer Dragoon Saga


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I liked playing Virtua Cop with the controllers. I remember playing that and Vectorman on my friends Sega Saturn.


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Thanks Wrecked! I had totally forgotten about Shining force. Gee, that game brings back memories!!


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I played Nights but some of the levels are ridiculously hard.
I kind of remember The Lost World. The hardest parts were the levels that you had to run from the T'Rex