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Game Cube best rpg?


Registered Member
If you have a gameboy player for your GC, you get alot more rpg's...

re-made final fantasy games, Golden Sun, Mario & Luigi are some of the great ones you can play on your GC through the GBP
Tales of Symphonia is a great game. It's got a real-time battle system that is really fun and a great cast of characters to play as. If you're big on RPG's, then the story will probably seem cliche to you, but if you're like me and you haven't played many RPG's, it will be very fresh. It's a good story from any aspect, though.
It's also got a ton of replay value. I've played through it twice, each playthrough taking about 60 hours. I did so many different things on my second playthrough, it was practically an entirely different experience.
You can also play it multiplayer. Players 2-3 can control the other characters in your party whenever you get into a battle. This is a little flawed, though, in that the camera will mainly follow player 1, but it's not a big problem.


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I havnt rele played many of the rpgs for gamecube but i tried FFCC and i thought that it was the worst game i ever played....


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What games should i try....and prices

What rpgs for gamecube should i try and what are the prices...can someone please tell me???


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I really enjoyed X-Men Legands. I didn't get a chance to play the new one that came out but the first one was very good. I would rent it first to see if you like it. And Phantasy Star is also another good one.


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Chrono Trigger


it will be free in my eyes until it is rereleased on a Ninendo console