Best Royal Rumble?


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So which Royal Rumble do you think was the best one?

Mine would have to be a tie between RR 1999 and 2001, both were very well done, and exciting as hell to watch.

So what's yours?
The 1999 Royal Rumble was my favorite. The "I Quit" match was awesome and then the actual rumble was really entertaining. That might have been one of my favorite pay-per-views that I watched.


The Rock is cooking atm..
I just watched it for the first time a minute ago, my mate got it for me lol....

The I quit match was definitely the best I quit match ever, so funny how the rock would just randomly go on the announcers table and mocked both King and Michael Cole, and the overall match was just brutal.

I definitely loved the RR match as well.....I full shouted when Austin came back in the ambulance. It was definitely awesome!


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I admit I haven't seen them all but the most star studded Rumble in history was the one in 1992 where Ric Flair won the match and won the WWE title as a result.


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The Royal Rumble 2000 wasn't so bad either, I think many people were waiting for it, but FINALLY THE ROCK HAS WON THE ROYAL RUMBLE!

That and Chyna being the only female to not only enter the rumble once....but TWICE in the history of the WWE.


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1992 by far the most star studded and in my opinion it actually was the best ever Rumble.


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my 2 favs are the 1992 rumble and the 1997 rumble...whichever the one was where austin got eliminated by bret hart and then came back in the rumble when the refs didnt see him land and he then threw out hart and ended up winnning the rumble which resulted in the submission match at wrestlemania 13...

run on sentance? yes...


The Rock is cooking atm..

Haha, and than his facial reaction when it was Kane who was the next entrant =P

I'd have to go with 1999 ultimately, even though 2001 was the first Hardcore Royal Rumble lol.