Best retired players vs Best current players


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Alright since the season is over this section won't get a lot of activity except when they announce the award winners, and if there is a team that signs a major free agent, or if there's a major. So I've decided to start this thread, now I don't know how much activity we'll get, but I believe this could be fun. This is how it will work.

You will choose one retired player for every position the player that you select is a player that you believe was the best at that position e.g. first baseman Mark McGwire(meaning you believe he's the best retired first baseman of all time). Same thing with your current player e.g. Albert Pujols(you believe he's currently the best first baseman in the Major leagues. You'll have to choose a player for all of these positions:

-First Baseman
-Second Baseman
-Third Baseman
-Right Field
-Left Field
-Center Field

-Five Starting Pitchers

We won't choose relief pitchers, closers or a designated hitter since they haven't been part of the game for its entire history.

Alright lets get this thing going, please participate people it's not all that hard. After your done choosing your players for both of your teams, you pretend these two teams would face each other and you have to pick and winner and you have to give a small description on why you believe this team would win.



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1B - Gehrig / Pujols
2B - Hornsby / Utley
SS - Honus Wagner / Han Ram
3B - Schmidt / A-Rod
C - Bench / Mauer
CF - Mantle / Griffey
OF - Ruth / Vlad
OF - Bonds / Manny

SP - Walter / Pedro
SP - Mathewson / Felix
SP - Alexander / Halladay
SP - Grove / Greinke
SP - Maddux / Lincecum

I'm not entirely sure on all my choices, but I'm pretty happy with both teams. I'm not really accounting for steroids, but if two people are more or less tied, I'll give it to the one I think was clean.

The retired players win, hands down. I do believe that in general, players are getting better because of better training, better nutrition, etc. But the retired players have almost all of baseball history to draw players from, and that's too big of an advantage. You'd have to break it down some other way - maybe by decade.
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Well our list look fairly similar, but he's my squads:

First Baseman: Gehrig/Pujols
Second Baseman: Hornsby/Utley
Third Baseman: Schmidt/A Rod
Shortstop: Wagner/Jeter
Center Field: Cobb/Griffey
OF: Ruth/Guerrero
OF: Williams/Manny
Catcher: Bench/Mauer

SP: Johnson/Halladay
SP: Mathewson/Pedro
SP: Alexander/Johnson
SP: Clemens/ Smoltz
SP: Grove/ Pettite

I will give a better explanation why I believe the retired team would win later.

I took Jeter over Ramirez because he's had a better career so far then Ramirez as. Also I am surprised you took Grienke that only had one good year, King Felix as well. For currently players I mean through out their careers not just last season. But by looking at your starting batting line up it seems you understood that.