Best Queen Era?


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What do you think was the best Queen Era? Early heavy glam rock Queen or later 'stadium rock' Queen?

Examples for comparison: Personally i much prefer Queen in their earlier glam rock, pre-synthesizer phase. Their first five albums are five of my favourite albums ever. I recently showed music off them to one of my friends and he had no idea how heavy Queen used to be back in the day. Complete metalhead, but he loves their earlier stuff! Plus i think their live performances, like those two video staken from their 74 concert at the rainbow, are... perfect! That video of White Queen is probably one of the best live performances i've ever seen. Queen 1973-1976 is definitely my favourite band ever.

I still like their later stuff, but i think it's nothing compared to what they made in the 70's.


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I think the 70s era (maybe 1975-1977) is better for me. There's Love of My Life, We Will Rock You, Bohemian Rhapsody and We are the Champions.


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I've always been a huge Queen fan but I've always preferred early Queen. News of the World is in my opinion, one of the best albums ever put out. I know it was a little later, but in the 70's nontheless.

While Jazz was pretty good, The Game in 1980 was also one of the best albums ever put out. After that they had some good albums like Hot Space and The Works but to me weren't as good as before. Although they still had a couple of good songs here and there.


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As if your going to make me choose lol, both were amazing era's. But if I had to choose one I have to go with the 80's era of Queen. They had amazing songs in that era.

Freddy Mercury is one of the best showman and singer of all time in my opinion.


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Queen's real rise to prominence began with their third album, Sheer Heart Attack. With songs like the title cut, "Brighton Rock," and "Stone Cold Crazy," they established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. But the band's best days were yet to come.

I attended the L.A. supporting shows for News of the World, Jazz and The Game, all three of which LPs I bought the day they hit the stores. The first tour was a masterpiece of '70s rock theater, the second a fun and memorable concert experience, the last a frustrating and confusing mishmosh of different un-Queenlike styles. They even resorted to the once-scorned use of--gasp--synthesizers!

That, to me, is when they jumped the shark. I never even bought The Game, even though I had once proclaimed Queen to be my favorite band. 1977-1980 was their zenith from my vantage point, and then it was Flash Gordon and all shitty hell broke loose.


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I know this is sort of random, but I didn't really want to start a new thread so I decided to post it in here instead.

A couple of weeks ago my favorite Queen song was I want it All, but it's not changed, my favorite Queen song is:

YouTube - Queen - Radio Ga Ga [HQ]

Such an amazing song, Freddy Mercury had incredible singing voice.