PSP Best PSP game!


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What do you think is the best PSP game? There are a few that are really good, but which one is worthy of being called the best?

My favourites are probably Ape Escape P (because it's fun and funny!), Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (Legend and Anniversary) and Monster Hunter Freedom (1&2). What do you think?


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Anything not named God of War: Chains of Olympus is terrible. The PSP has one of the worst libraries in the history of gaming.


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Most people keep it for that reason. The problem is that they simply have not developed any truly unique games. Each handheld has brought something new to the table, the PSP is just simply uninteresting.


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the god of war games not all that. i mean...

BOOBIES makes any game interesting imo.


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The PSP has some very good games, can't say it's anything in comparison to the DS, but it still has great titles. I just got mine recently, but here's some good ones.

-Mega Man Powered Up (basically revamped levels from old Mega Man games with new levels, the ability to play as various bosses such as Cutman, a stage builder (with online sharing), and Challenges (similar to Event Matches in the Smash Bros. series)
-Gradius Collection (five classic shmups in one. original arcade ports (aside from Gaiden, which was intended for home console release only) and all. Only way to get Gradius Gaiden outside of Japan, as well as the only place besides the PS2 Gradius III and IV you can get IV, and bonus stuff such as music and videos.)
-Daxter (can't say it's the best, but it is reasonably good)


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nice thread revival :hah:

My top game has been Lego Batman. I've always felt the Lego games are superb in the sense of their replay-ability when compared to other games. The Lego series are just flat out fun without question. I have a few sports games for my PSP but in all honesty I sorta feel like they are a waste considering I spend 99% of the time playing the full versions on my PS3.

But yeah, any Lego game is a flat out Win on the PSP. For me its been "Lego Batman".


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I think the best game for PSP is Hot Shots golf. I would always play it all the time and try to beat my brother's score but with no luck yet.