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PlayStation 2 Best PS2 Games for the Little Ones


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I have a four year old at home. If "santa" happens to bring a PS2 for Christmas, is there any good PS2 games out there for the little ones? He had Bob the Builder for PS1 that he played before our system broke. But it was too easy for him.

So I'd need something a little more challenging for him, yet kid-friendly. Any ideas?


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Well, what kinds of things is he interested in? Exactly how experienced is he? Some 4-year-olds would be able to handle different challenges, while others can't.

Ofcourse, I'd reccomend Grand Theft Auto. Very great for the "little ones."


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Grand Theft Auto - Hmmm...that's funny. :lol:

He's pretty skilled for his age (I believe). He could play Haunted Manion somewhat, and he can get to level 2.1 without warping in Super Mario Brothers and make it through 1.3 in Super Mario 3. And for some weird reason, he sometimes plays the controller upside down and it doesn't affect his gamplay (how he can do that is beyond me).

He could also play Burnout pretty good. I mean, he couldn't do some of the fancy slides and stuff but he could almost take a whole course without crashing into something.

It seems to me that it may easier for him to play games where you don't have to use the L & R buttons.


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Sly cooper is a great starting game that is good for little kids and older ones. Jak and daxter is also a good game. many of the crash games are fun to mess around with.
i also think kingdom hearts is a good game for the little more experienced four year old.
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