PlayStation 1 Best PS Final Fantasy Game


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I think that Final Fantasy 9 was excellent and the most enjoyable of them all. Though Final Fantasy 7 had the best story.


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i never liked the Final Fantasy games. taking turns hitting one person at a time got really boring :zz:. thats just my opinion. i'm not saying that they're terrible games, just not something i like. i'm more of a constant action person.


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Which has nothing whatsoever to do with the topic at hand.

It's a toss-up for me between 8 and 9. 8 had a great story, and a great battle system. However, the graphics are so dated... except, I think the cut-scenes fit better. Fantastic cut-scenes, too.

9 had better in-game graphics. As great as the FMV's were, though, it was difficult at times to recognize the characters. They were nigh unrecognizable at times. Also, the character development was a little too weird for me.

I really intend to go back and play both of them (I still need to finish 8, and I want to go back and max my characters out on 9, just for kicks.) ePsxe, here I come!


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the best one for me was 9 because it was the first one i played and the story was great and i liked the battle system. 8 is close behind 9.


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Personally for me it was IX, i prefered the story and visuals. When you think about it, it was also more fantasy than the others.


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9 was great because it took elements from the original Final Fantasy game and gave it a fresh new look. And the gameplay was simple and fun, just like how FF should be.

However I have to give it to FF8 because the story and the characters are more likable, and I really liked the Draw/Junction system.


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...I still need to play IX, I finally found a copy of it and VIII the other day...$100 apiece.

Anyways, my opinion of the best FFs has been jumping around a bit lately, awhile ago, I prolly would've said FFVII, not quite so long ago, VIII, but, after playing FFVI again a few weeks ago, my opinion would've changed to it. Sooo, since this is a PSX FF thread, I'm voting FF Anthologies.
(Yes, I loved the class change system in V as well. xP! )


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$100? That's pretty unreasonable especially for old games...maybe you should try ebay or something because YOU REALLY NEED TO PLAY IX