Best Post Season Pitching Staff



Although Boston and LAA want to boast about their pitching, the team with the best potential post season staff is Cleveland.
Earlier in the year they were a bit messy, with cliff lee and jeremy sowers, but now that they have got their rotation set and jake westbrook is the healthiest he is going to be, in the last 30 days they have soared from #8 in team era to #1
Sabathia, Carmona and Westbrook are a combined 8-3 in that span with all 3 of them having an ERA under 3.00. (Sabathias ERA is 1.76 since august 12th and hes had 11 straight games with 2 or fewer earned runs) Paul byrd is 5-1 in this span and Aaron laffey is starting to get going.
If and when the indians make the playoffs, look for them to be the favorite given that pitching has been the key to playoff runs lately. My prediciton is cleveland will go on to win the world series.