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Alright who are the top three forwards of all time on your favorite team?

Who are the two best defenseman of all time?

Who is the best three goalies of all time on your team.

Goat, please select the Leafs and not the Blue Jackets if you decide to participate in this. Since the history of the Jackets ain't that long.

I still have to give time to make my decisions since the Canadiens history is simply amazing.
Twice now the forum/my computer has messed up while I am almost finished writing a huge post for this thread and I have lost it. I'm pissed, so here is a shortened version.

Top three forwards...

Patrick Marleau, Joe Thornton & Owen Nolan. Marleau has all of the scoring titles that the Sharks have and is a very tough player. Thornton has been with the team only a few years and is already fourth on the all-time points list. His passing is one of the reasons the Sharks stay in the top 5, year in and year out. And Nolan was the original star, he set all the records that Marleau eventually had to break.

Top two defensemen...

Sandis Ozilinsh & Scott Hannan. Ozilinsh' numbers and all-star apperances speak for themselves. Hannan shut down players and usually very skilled players. I believe I saw a quote somehere (from Ovechkin, I believe) that Hannan was one of the harder players he had faced.

Top three goalies...

Evgeni Nabokov, Arturs Irbe & Mike Vernon. Nabokov is head and shoulders the best goalie the team has ever seen. He makes game-stealing saves and is just solid in every category. Irbe had a good run with the Sharks and has some impressive games. The same could be said for Vernon, but in the end, the Sharks haven't had many great goalies between the pipes.


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Alright I've gave it some thought. Here goes nothing.


-Maurice Richard
-Jean Beliveau
-Howie Morenz


-Doug Harvey
-Larry Robinson


-Patrick Roy
-Jacque Plante
-Ken Dryden

Now just imagine facing that line up, scary thought.