Best place to job search


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I'm currently trying to find another job so I can gain some extra cash, where is the first place or good places you go through for job searches, internet sites, companies, any help would be appreciated?


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The job section in the newspaper's are a good place to start. Try handing out your C.V to places that you'd like to work, or that have vacancy signs. Even if they don't have a vacancy at the time, they'll have your C.V for if one comes up.


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You wouldn't think of it, but isn't a bad place to look. Here are some others I know of:


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You could become a guide on chacha. It's basically answering questions that people text for 10 cents per text. It used to be 20 cents and I used to do it in my spare time, but have since quit since they lowered the pay for it.

ChaCha - Mobile Search | Text Search | Questions and Answers

I have been paid from them before, so I know it's legitimate. I earned about $100 in extra money before they lowered the pay and I quit.


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Definitely the local paper.

That's where I looked to get my current job. It easy and convenient to you all the jobs would be in your area.

If that fails then try some of the major job searching websites or simple hand your CV around in local stores and offices.

Good luck mate!