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MLB Best pitching performance you've ever watched


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
What's the best pitching performance you've ever watched? You can name a couple if you like.

I still say Kerry Wood's 20-strikeout one-hitter is the most dominant pitching performance I've ever seen, but that wasn't just the stat line. The Astros couldn't get a ball out of the infield that day and the one hit was an infield dribbler that could have easily been called an error.

Roy Halladay' no-hitter against the Reds in the Playoffs. You could see the Reds weren't getting any decent swings. They had no idea where the ball was going. His movement was incredible and it all looked so effortless.

Morrow' 17 strikeout/one hitter performance against the Rays was special, too.


New Member
I don't get a lot of opportunity to watch baseball on tv/live, but I'd have to say the Halladay no-hitter and the Morrow k-fest are the two best I've seen firsthand.


The return shall be legenday!
My favourite pitching performance is the Roy Halladay no-hitter in the playoffs against the Reds. I'm such a huge Doc fan, and to see him get a no hitter in the playoffs brought me so much joy. Another one of my favourites as to be the 17 strikeout performance Pedro Martinez had against the New York Yankees. The way he mixed his pitches and overpowered everyone was unbelievable.


New Member
Roger Clemens 20 K against Mariners was unreal...
Wood's performance was insane also...
I never saw Carlton or Seaver strike out 19 guys but those were right up there...
Randy Johnson had a pretty dominant game or 2 if I recall...

The one I saw that sticks out? Morrow, hands down...