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Okay I was watching the RAW 10th Anniversery DVD today and I saw that they had an award for the Superstar of the decade and there were some big names left off the list. So here's an idea I got ... Im going to give my opinion of the 11 best wrestlers of all time and you have to give me your list then too:

1.Ric Flair - 16 times the world champion and always going to be a big part of the company. Flair has been through them all from Hogan to HHH and he's come back for more. He's always feared but also respected and if your anybody in this business you have to go through this guy

2.Hulk Hogan - I'll admit I don't like the guy but I have respect for him. I mean he put the
company on the map really and he establsihed the company as a dominate force in the world and is a big reason why they are this far today. He has never backed down from anybody and he's always been among the best on the roster whenever it was.

3.The Undertaker - The Deadman is the man. You are nobody till you have been in the ring with this guy and despite his only 4 title runs you have to admit that his streak at mania is amazing and no matter what he'll always be the first man to go on a streak like that. Taker is always at the top of the food chain so to speak and the WWE would not be as great as it is without him.

4. Bret Hart - The best pure wrestler that will ever graze a WWE ring. He was deadly on the mat. It was his domain and without Hart in the 90s guys like HBK and Stone Cold might not have been so easily able to put their names on the mark in the World of pro wrestling.

5. Shawn Michaels - He is arguably the most popular man to ever be in a WWE ring and being the world champ and surviving 60 minutes with Bret Hart , Well that takes a lot of skill but HBK did that and was also the first man to go the distance in the rumble. Quite a career for this guy and it's not over yet.

6. Mick Foley - He is no doubt the toughest man ever. To go through everything that Foley has been through would take about 100 people. He's been on fire , Exploded , Throw on tacks you name it he has done it and he has always been that damn good and he is never to be taken lightly.

7. The Rock - You can't get much better than The Rock. I mean he can do it all and he has done it all. Really without a doubt the man that helped make the WWE as big as it is today. He was the most eletrofying man in the WWF and will always be a big part of the WWE no matter where he is.

8. HHH - 10 times he was the man. He has been through everybody in the company and he has not stopped yet. He has been in all kinds of matches , Built a dynasty around him with evolution and has come out through it all. Now he might be injured but when he comes back he will be just as tough as he ever was.

9.Andre The Giant - He really made the WWE a place for the big men. If it was not for him we might not have the big show or some of the big guys that we have seen in the past. He lived wrestling and it was a part of him and the fans loved him. He was never to be taken lightly and has been a part of more than one legendary moment in the business.

10. Eddie Guerrero - To go through all of what this guy has gone through takes a very strong person. Eddie was a great man and the WWE was lucky to have him. He had his demons but he got over them and rose and became one of the best of all time and to finalize his goal and win the WWE title was one of the greatest moments ever.

11. Chris Benoit - Benoit can do it all. He can wrestle you on the mat , He can brawl with you or he can take to the air. He has been all over the world and he has come back with a smile on his face. When he won an Mania 20 im sure there was more than one crying fan and why not. Benoit is a great story and to overcome everything he has is amazing.


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my list, i dont have time to put my reasons now, i miight do it later

1. The Undertaker
2. Ric Flair
3. Triple H
4. Hulk Hogan
5. Shawn Michaels
6. Bret Hart
7. Chris Benoit
8. Andre the Giant
9. Stone Cold Steve Austin
10. The Rock
11. Yokozuna


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Well we can all agree on some of the obv choices such as Hogan or HBK or Flair but down the list I think there could be a lot of differences between people's answers due to various opinions but one thing is for sure and that is that its diffucult to make a list of just 11 but I don't think we can go wrong no matter who we choose.